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Expo Quartier Berlin

Your place for multi-location events in Berlin

Wouldn't it be better, if you didn't have to get on a bus to go to your evening location? Doesn't it sound nice to get fresh air in between break out sessions, walking to new locations, passing interesting spaces and inspiring buildings?

Do you need an exclusive space for a small group, that wants to discuss important matters in private? Want to catch the sundown on the meadows by the Spree river, after a day full of beautiful sessions? Or organize an archery competition, climb the Peter Behrens tower on a guided walking tour and enjoy the view across the entire campus of the former AEG.

Come to the birthplace of Berlin electricity - the "Elektropolis". Whatever you need for your events, we'd love to support you and help create your own piece of history, a chapter within these one-of-a-kind industrial grounds.


Rathenauhalle_Halle 34

Rathenauhalle_Halle 34

If you're looking for an "Off-Location" with a ton of industrial charm, you're in luck. The Rathenauhalle_Halle 34 is directly connected to Halle 33. The historic roof provides tons of daylight.

Outdoor Area - Rathenauhalle

A large area behind Rathenauhalle_Halle 34 is perfect for outdoor events, including parts of the riverside (Spreewiese).

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Starting 1. Dezember at the Rathenauhalle 33 - An interactive experience for the whole family, based on one of the biggest blockbusters in film history.

Rathenauhalle_Halle 33

This former transformer factory has tons of room for your ideas. Once the birthplace of electricity and light, it is now a home for large scale events.

Urban Banks Lounge

This lounge filled with daylight presents a beautiful view of the Spree river. The room is perfect for conventions of up to 200 people and dinners.
Rathenauhalle_Halle 33

Büro Loft

Love for details and design - An inspiring place for your back office or to host video conferences parallel to your events.



from 1 December in the Expohalle Urban Banks Berlin

Jurassic World: The Exhibition is an interactive experience for the whole family on around 2,500 square metres, based on one of the biggest blockbusters in film history. Visitors will walk through the famous gates of Jurassic World, meet life-size dinosaurs and explore a variety of themed areas.

Infos & Tickets: https://jurassicworldexhibition.com/de/