Rathenauhalle (Urban Banks)

This former transformer factory has tons of room for your ideas. Once the birthplace of electricity and light, it is now a home for large scale events.

Urban Banks Lounge

This lounge filled with daylight presents a beautiful view of the Spree river. The room is perfect for conventions of up to 200 people and dinners.
Rathenauhalle (Urban Banks)


Are you looking for something super exclusive? Everything's on point at Kranhouse, the spectacular backdrop of the crane will put your event on a new level.
MaHalla - Expo Quartier Berlin


Maximum levels of positive Power! Once Europes oldest 3-phase power plant, this impressive hall can be home to your transformational events.
Black Box, MaHalla

Black Box

A completely black hall. Both awe inspiring and soothing.


A masterpiece of industrial architecture and great atmosphere for events.
Expo Quartier Berlin - Industrie Salon


An important piece of industrial culture. Get to know Emil Rathenau and learn about his success in multi-language guided tours.

Büro Loft

Love for details and design - An inspiring place for your back office or to host video conferences parallel to your events.