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Rathenauhalle_Halle 34

Rathenauhalle_Halle 34

If you're looking for an "Off-Location" with a ton of industrial charm, you're in luck. The Rathenauhalle_Halle 34 is directly connected to Halle 33. The historic roof provides tons of daylight.

Outdoor Area - Rathenauhalle

A large area behind Rathenauhalle_Halle 34 is perfect for outdoor events, including parts of the riverside (Spreewiese).

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Starting 1. Dezember at the Rathenauhalle 33 - An interactive experience for the whole family, based on one of the biggest blockbusters in film history.

Rathenauhalle_Halle 33

This former transformer factory has tons of room for your ideas. Once the birthplace of electricity and light, it is now a home for large scale events.

Urban Banks Lounge

This lounge filled with daylight presents a beautiful view of the Spree river. The room is perfect for conventions of up to 200 people and dinners.
Rathenauhalle_Halle 33

Büro Loft

Love for details and design - An inspiring place for your back office or to host video conferences parallel to your events.